Pottery Barn Knock-Off DIY Pumpkin


I saw some beautiful mercury glass pumpkins at Pottery Barn. They had 3 set up in different shapes and sizes. I thought it looked so elegant for October decor and I was immediately inspired. I turned it over to look at the price and it was $59 for one! I decided to make my own.

I went to my local Goodwill and quickly found some dated pumpkin candy bowls. They ranged from $4 – $7.


I headed to Home Depot and bought mirror effect spray paint.

The rest is pretty simple. To get that spotted mercury glass look, you need to use clear glass. I filled a spray bottle with water and sprayed the inside of the pumpkin. Before the water dries, start spraying the paint over it. The water droplets will get in the way and give it a pretty design. I had set my spray bottle to a misty setting, so it was very subtle. Next time I will try to get bigger water droplets for a more noticeable design.

I ended up spray painting the ceramic pumpkins in black and white, and did some stems in the mirror spray as well.

I absolutely love how they turned out! I think they brought a level of glamour and sophistication to my Halloween decor. And it sure beats the Pottery Barn price.


What do you think?


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