How to DIY a fur stool for $15

$30 DIY Vanity MirrorI love all those fur benches I’ve been seeing around and I thought it would be a fun way to add some texture and extra seating in my living room. And I also needed a new vanity bench. Which means I would need 3 of these little stools. I was surprised to see how much they cost! All the ones I liked were over $100 so I knew that wouldn’t work out. So I decided to make my own. I made all 3 for less than $50!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ikea stool $4.99
  • Poly Foam $3.60 (with 40% coupon)
  • Fur material $20 (2 yards with 40% coupon)
  • Liquid nails $2.58 (already had)
  • Glue gun (already had)
  • Glue (already had)

First, you’re going to need the piece of poly foam and the top part of the stool. I got the 3″ because I wanted it to be nice and fluffy. But they have 1″ and 2″foam as well.


Using a pen or sharpie, trace the stool size onto the foam.


Cut the foam using fabric scissors. Use liquid nails as the adhesive for the foam.


Add your foam piece on top and set something heavy on it while it dries. In the meantime, cut out the fur fabric. I left 5″ extra in diameter, 3″ for the pad + 2″ to wrap around.



Next, using a glue gun, glue the fabric onto the back of the stool. Note: I first tried to use the liquid nails to do this step, but it didn’t work as well as it did with the foam. That’s when I switched to regular glue.

Add the legs.


Stand back and admire your work!


I love how versatile they are. You can put them practically anywhere.

Here’s the 2 in my living room.img_0740


And the one for my vanity.



By the way, I also made the mirror above for $30. Find out how here.

What do you think? Not bad for the price right?


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