DIY Cocktail Travel Kit

Last year for Enrique’s birthday I included a handmade cocktail travel kit in his gift. It was perfect timing as we had a trip to New Orleans booked about a week after his birthday. BUT I had just gotten a new job and I wasn’t able to get the time off so we weren’t able to make it. Such a bummer. But we recently had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica so he had the chance to try it out. He really loved it! So I’ll share with you how you can make on for your favorite alcoholic, I mean, connoisseur.


Here is the original. You can get it for $25 at most stores. It includes a recipe card for an Old Fashioned, a muddling spoon, 2 packets of sugar, and a small vial of bitters in a cute, little tin can.


Loved the idea. The price? Not so much. So I found this website that sells the little vials and tin cans. I got everything I needed for less than $4 plus shipping. Much better deal! I used clip art and typed up a cover for the tin can as well as the instructions.

The Old Fashioned recipe is as follows: Combine one mini bottle of whiskey with the contents of half of the vial of simple syrup and add two droppers of Angostura bitters. Stir with ice.

The original kit makes 2 cocktails, but my kit makes 4. And the great thing about using the simple syrup vials as opposed to sugar packets is that it tastes a lot more like an original Old Fashioned and you’re able to make more simple syrup at your vacation destination since most hotels have packets of sugar readily available. All you need to do is fill a vial with 4 sugar packets or about 2/3 full and top the rest with water. Now you have the ingredients for your return flight home!

Items needed:

And here’s the finished product!





I do wish I could be a taste tester for these cocktails, but I get very bad motion sickness and liquor only makes it worse. Very saddening.

Since then, they have made other cocktail kits to make Moscow Mules and Champagne Cocktails. I will try these next. I’m thinking all I’ll have to do is rinse out the vials and fill them up with ginger beer for a mule, elderflower liqueur for a champagne cocktail, and possibly sweet and sour for a margarita. I’ll let you know how those turn out! Until then, safe travels!



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