DIY Painted & Rope Plant Pots

What with summer being around the corner, we decided that this is the year we finally get our backyard into shape. I imagine lush, green grass and pretty vines crawling up the posts to make for a gorgeous setting to have delicious outdoor dinners accompanied by sangria, friends, and family.

So we started off by raking years worth of dead leaves and digging up weeds. Sadly, even though the landscape consists of dirt, it’s looking better already. I can’t do much by myself and Enrique only has a few hours at a time to work on it, so I’ve been doing little things like painting an old coffee table and getting some of the pots ready for our little garden on the side of the house. Today I’m going to show you the how-to’s on those little things, starting with the coffee table.

I’d had the coffee table taking up space in the garage. I was planning on selling it at some point, but I got inspired by a picture on Pinterest showcasing plants in different shapes, sizes, and pots along a table. I thought, “If only I had a table, I could do that in the backyard.” And so I got to work.

Things Needed:

Here’s a little before and after. Isn’t that grey stain so pretty?

I hate that old school orange pine color. So I went to Home Depot and got stripper, a scraper, stain, and a paint brush.


I picked that stripper because it said it was less toxic. Although it has to sit longer than the other selections, I didn’t want to be breathing in toxic fumes. This is what it looks like after a few minutes of sitting.


The directions said to let it sit for half an hour. I listened to Pandora and dug up the weeds along the fence in the meantime. Once it was time, I scraped everything off.


It was significantly lighter than before, but had all kinds of knicks and imperfections. So I got to sanding. I used to always sand by hand, but after so many projects I decided to invest in a sander. It was the best $40 I ever spent! It has made my projects so much easier and gets wood to look like new with minimal effort.


What a difference that made! It got much lighter and was perfectly ready to stain. I really love the stain color. It’s a nice and subtle light grey. So pretty!


So now that I had the table ready to go, I needed some pretty plants to decorate it with. Enrique has all kinds of peppers growing, but they are in generic, ugly, black pots. I was ready to buy cute, new ones, but all the ones I liked were pretty expensive and it seemed wasteful seeing as we already had so many. So I opted for upscaling the ones we already have.

I found this rope at Home Depot for $8 for 50 feet. I bought 2 packs.


I knew I wanted to alternate between natural colored rope and white rope. We had some old white paint lying around, so I dipped the rope in the bucket and squeezed the excess off with my hand. As you can imagine, it was super messy and I got paint EVERYWHERE. In hindsight, I was thinking maybe I could’ve put it in a bucket and dyed it. I’m not too sure if it would work or not, but it’s definitely worth a try. If any of you give it a try, let me know how it works out! I was happy with the end result, though, so at least the mess was worth it!


To start off, I put lines of Liquid Nails going all around the pot. I love that stuff. It always works so much better than any glue I’ve tried in the past. We had to nail the beginning of the rope into the pot so that it would stay still and we could pull on it tight. We also did this at the end of the rope when switching off colors, and at the beginning of the next color. I took out most of the nails the next day once the Liquid Nails had dried.


I ended up painting the top lip white and adding handles so that it would look like a basket. I’m so happy with how it turned out!


I loved it so much that I wanted to wrap another pot. This time I used a pot that didn’t have a top lip, and I like how it looks a lot better.


Those 2 pots were looking good, but I wanted some more variety in my garden. I got to work in transforming a few other pots. For these I just added a fun tribal design.




After days of working on all the projects individually, I was excited to see how it would all look together. I’m pretty pleased at how it turned out!





I’m thinking of painting some more fun designs onto the other black pots. Or should I leave as is? What do you think?


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