When life gives you lemons.. make limoncello!

As I mentioned in my Lemon Meringue Pie┬ápost, we had a ton of lemons from Enrique's regular customer so we decided to make limoncello. Aside from getting the zest off 58 lemons, it was pretty easy. Step 1. Zest Lemons Step 2. Put zest in a large jar. Step 3. Add 1.5 liter of vodka. … Continue reading When life gives you lemons.. make limoncello!


French Macaroons

A friend's birthday was coming up and I wanted to bake her something fun. I remembered that she had gone to Paris with my brother, and he brought me home the most delicious macaroons as a souvenir. So I decided to try them out for the first time! I had heard people tell me that … Continue reading French Macaroons