3 Simple Ways to Decorate for Easter

With Easter just around the corner, I am sharing a few of my affordable decorating tips with you.

  1. Decorate the front entrance. I love those pictures you see of mantles decorated for the seasons, but we don’t need a fireplace out here in sunny California. So I added this shelf to our front entrance that does the job pretty well! Of course I want my home to look pretty, but I also want it to be functional. We keep our shoes under our hand-made bench, and the shelf holds our car keys and dog leashes for easy access when running out the door.






Bunny candle holder / Turquoise candle / Tan candle / free Easter printable / Birdcage, vase, and flowers / Potpourri from Goodwill / Yellow pillow / Peach flower pillow

2. Add fresh flowers. Real blooms easily add life and color to your home, and if you get them at a wholesale flower shop, it’s pretty affordable too. I chose lavender colored Stock, and vibrantly peachy Gladiolus. I spent $20, and I think it is well worth it for the difference it makes in my home. They smell so nice too!


I got the baby chick cookie jar at Target a few years ago, and it’s still my favorite for spring time. It’s no longer available, but they still have a great selection that you can check out here. / Moss basket / Little bird / Stock flowers/ Repainted Goodwill tray



We got the half wine barrel from a vineyard in Napa Valley on our honeymoon. I love decorating with items that mean something to us. You can get one at Home Depot. / Vase / Chair


I got assorted vases mostly through Target and Home Goods. Again, I picked items that not only look cute, but are functional. I put water in the pitcher when company is over for easy refills. The blue salt and pepper shakers bring out the blue in the curtains. The glass olive oil and balsamic dispenser is another item from our winery adventures and adds to the decor. The sugar and creamer are usually empty, but I put them to use when company is over for after dinner coffee. And the leftover vases I fill with seasonal flowers.

3. Paint some eggs! Dying Easter eggs is fun for the kids, and looks so pretty around the home. Leave them in the water for a short time to achieve these pastel colors. How pretty do they look? And again, super affordable! $2 for the dye, and $1.50 for a dozen eggs at Target.




Egg dye / Yellow: 4 drops of yellow / Purple: 2 drops red, 2 drops blue / Pink: 4 drops red, 2 drops yellow, 1 drop blue. Experiment to make your own fun colors!

I hope this inspires you to bring some colorful flowers and spring time life into your home!

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