Pesto Sauce

I absolutely love pesto sauce. It’s probably my all time favorite sauce. I put it on EVERYTHING! You can use it as a spread for sandwiches, such as my mortadella and provolone sub. I also use it as dressing for my salads and as a marinade for salmon. This particular time I used it with chicken pasta, but it’s also amazing with shrimp pasta. In my opinion, it makes anything taste better. So today I will be sharing my recipe and I hope it inspires you to use it in your daily dishes. It’s super easy and tastes way better than store bought pesto.

Remember to buy the basil that comes in a little pot. It helps a buck go a long way and is a great addition to your kitchen decor.


Traditional pesto recipes call for pine nuts. For years, I would always buy a fresh bag of expensive pine nuts anytime I wanted to make pesto sauce. I would use less than half the bag and the pine nuts were expired by the next time I wanted to make another batch. It made me so mad to be so wasteful with the nuts! Once, I decided to try almonds because that’s what I had on hand, and guess what? It tastes almost the same! If you have a really good palette, like I do, you will be able to taste the difference, but it’s really subtle and it doesn’t make the pesto less tasty. I have since then also used walnuts and pecans, so I would use whatever you have in the pantry for this recipe.





That’s it! I told you it was easy! And isn’t so much better than the store bought??

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